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meet my wombmate

meet my wombmate

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This blend addresses many common preconception and pregnancy needs, while serving as a tasty nutrient-packed alternative to coffee when a mama-to-be may be avoiding high caffeine intake. It tastes like hot cocoa with bitter notes reminiscent of coffee.


During a life stage when your nutritional needs are higher, this blend is a tasty source of fiber, protein, iron and antioxidants. Containing plants that support digestion, collagen to prevent stretch marks as your belly expands, and anti-inflammatory herbs to ease the aches and pains involved in growing a human.


This blend contains cacao and dandelion root, two iron-rich plants that help support a woman’s increased iron needs when planning to conceive and during pregnancy. Dandelion root is high in bioavailable calcium, iron, potassium, Vitamin K and zinc, and helps with common digestive issues. The plants in this blend work synergistically to stabilize blood sugar (preventive for gestational diabetes), reduce inflammation, keep blood pressure under control (which can go up during pregnancy), and address digestive complaints that are common during this life stage (constipation, hemorrhoids, acid reflux, gas, etc.).


It tastes like hot cocoa and coffee had a baby. A perfect coffee alternative that can be enjoyed with warm milk of choice and sweetener, if desired. It’s also a great way to give your coffee a boost if you are drinking coffee!


It tastes dreamy with oat milk and a dash of maple syrup, but if you want to get fancy and increase the iron levels in this blend, whisk in 1 tsp. of tahini. Adding 1 tsp. of ghee provides a healthy fat to support hormone balance and it can help to increase the frothy-ness of your elixir.
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