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Yin Care Kit

Yin Care Kit

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Yin-care’s® Herbal Wash and Applicator Combo Kit not only has a 180 ml bottle of Yin-care’s® Herbal Wash solution but also has our fabulous adjustable accordion applicator for ease in use. This is a perfect introductory kit for those who have not used Yin-care®’s Herbal Wash Solution before since it is coupled with the applicator The Combo Kit’s box sits perfect on retail store shelves and has good stand alone instructions.

Yin-care’s® Herbal Wash is an ancient Taoist formulation of contains 14 extracted herbs and their essential oils. This refreshing and soothing herbal wash is used in Chinese Medicine to dry and transform dampness, clear heat and toxin, purge fire, cool blood, and disperse wind.

Yin-care’s® Herbal Wash can assist with damp heat discharge, as well as damp heat resulting inflammation and persistent itching. It can be effectively applied as a wash, rub, sits bath or compress.
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